The Colonial Theatre Tea Garden

The beauty spot of downtown Richmond was, in 1921, the Tea Garden of the brand-new Colonial Theatre. Herein, we recreate the essence of elegance, joy and hauteur that was once found in Virginia's first real picture palace. Bathtub gin is available at the top of the grand ramps.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I figured that it was about time to post something before the blog spirits cast some evil weird nonupdating spell on me. However, technology has been a little bit impaired "around my way" lately, mostly because I haven't been able to afford it. I did a very bad job of budgeting for the summer and when it got right down to it, having all of the Grotto Pizza I wanted at the beach really was more important than keeping the land line connected.

Regretfully, I think my land line has gone the way of the dodo. It has packed its leather valise and moved gently into the night. I didn't even say goodbye when it slipped out the door.

As much as I prized my ancient telephone exchange and equally ancient heavy bakelite telephones, I realized that it was beyond folly to pay for two telephone services when I really only used the one for 'net access anyway. Now, of course I'll still need to get some kind of access, but dial-up just wasn't doing it for me anymore.

So, it is with heavy heart but a happily heavier wallet that I bid farewell to the old land line that has seen service in the St. Paul street house since the late 1910s. Soon--once I actually get some kind of 'net connection--I'll be able to blog more responsibly, watch Happy Cat birthday cards, and won't have to spend five minutes waiting for naughty pictures to load. Ain't technology grand?

Even better, I may still be able to use the bakelite phones and have the old Chesapeake exchange. I understand that some online services allow one to do so through the computer, although I have a strong suspicion that hooking it up will require at least three martinis and many, many four-letter words.