The Colonial Theatre Tea Garden

The beauty spot of downtown Richmond was, in 1921, the Tea Garden of the brand-new Colonial Theatre. Herein, we recreate the essence of elegance, joy and hauteur that was once found in Virginia's first real picture palace. Bathtub gin is available at the top of the grand ramps.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Aha. Finally, I have some semblance of computer access at home, courtesy of my dear friend Freja, who is staying with me while her husband is away at boot camp. That sounds naughty, doesn't it? The stuff of which either soap operas or wartime sagas are made. It's all quite respectable, though.

So anyway, we're pirating net access. I won't tell you how because you're supposed only to think nice things of your faithful (?) correspondent, but suffice it to say that I can at least occasionally get online now. In addition to the ol' faithful blog, I'm starting a live journal as well (also courtesy of Freja), despite the small technical problem that I have no idea whatsoever what I'm doing with it. At some point I'll clue all of you in as to its location, etc., although anyone with politically correct leanings may wish to stick to my rambles here. I have a feeling that the live journal will get rather shocking at times.

All that techno business out of the way, am I really the only person left alive who *ever* serves dinner involving more than one plate? I had a few Volk over for dinner some weeks back and it took three runs of the electric housemaid to clean all the stupid dishes. Evidently "normal" people these days simply have big mugs to drink from and one megaplate that holds everything. This damned dishwasher cannot hold six dinner plates and six salad plates at the same time. My old one, which was ugly '70s brown and tried to electrocute me at least twice, did at least have the courtesy to hold all of the plates and napery for eight without batting a rinse cycle.

Naturally, I don't expect that people might on a daily basis fart around with four different wine glasses, separate soup and salad plates, a sherbet and a separate dessert service. But crimony! People do entertain, don't they? Oh. No, they don't really. I think the only reason that I end up attending lots of dinner and cocktail parties is that I travel in the last remaining circles that have them: octogenarians and alt-lifestyle types.

Will the last person to use place cards please turn out the lights? Civilisation is now closed.